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       From concept and design for image building, promotion, advertising, and marketing purposes to
a photo image display or a complex book production, we offer a wide range of consultation services, project development, original photography, stock photo images, custom design, photo restoration, archival services, and print production.

      We invite you to preview a sampling of projects below to view a small sample of projects produced for clients over the years . For more information on how we may be of service to you, please email us at:

A. Matthews bronze art marketing Joseph Oregon Art School catalog Union Ciounty Oregon BiCentennial calendar Oregon East Symphony poster
Joseph Art School
Bi-Centennial Calendar
A. Matthews
artistry in bronze
Oregon East Symphony Poster
Wilson Cattle Company - Beef Northwest Feeders wall decor
EOLS Centennial Medallion
Eastern Oregon Livestock Show program Steven Kensrue bronze art marketing
Beef Northwest Feeders
Photo Montage Wall Decor
photography, design, fabrication
Steven Kensrue
Bronze Artist
EOLS Programs
Centennial Medallion
concept, design,
project oversight
Celebration of Life Montage
Coffee Labels Celebration of Life montage
UCEDC marketing poster
Coffee Labels
Concept, design
stock photo images
Kathe skiing
Wall Decor montage
photography, design, fabrication
Celebration of Life
montage off amily album images
and original photography
Mt Emily Realty sign
Real Estate
Logo & Sign design
stock photo image
Photography & Design
Marketing Poster & Brochure
Union County
Economic Development Corp
Weston Oregon Heritage DVD
Weston, Oregon
compile history of the city
restore and archive photo collection, design and produce
45-minute DVD
book concept - design - publishing -
design, photo illustration, production layout, printing oversight -
Bear Wallow - Where Rolls the Oregon
Bear Wallow - Rendezvous Bear Wallow - A Letteer Home Bear Wallow - An American Vignette Bear Wallow - Traces
Bear Wallow - A Letter Home Bear Wallow - Avian Dreamers
The Bear Wallow Collection
of Western History - limited edition printing
concept, layout & design, photo illustration,
production oversight, and marketing.
WAAAM - Our Story Union Roegon Centennial Al;bum
Oregon Wheat Booklet
Western Antique
Aeroplane & Automobile Museum
showcasing the museum's collection
of antique aircraft and motorcars
Oregon Wheat
Promotion booklet
Union Centennial Album
Commemorative Dollars
Dorothy Fleshman - Too Old to Love Again Vic Coggings - Memoirs Book Dorothy Fleshman - House at Edge of the Woods
Dorothy Fleshman
Too Old to Love Again
Book design - photo images
Vic Coggins
Memories of a Backcountry Bio
Book design - stock photo images
Dorothy Fleshman
The House at the Edge
of the Woods
Book design - photo images
Dallas, Oregon, 97338
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