Gildemeister's background of forest and resource management, land-use planning, historic research and writing, documentary photography, design, and publishing has evolved into a solid and varied base for clients seeking dedication to detail and quality performance for varied projects. In addition to a career in forest management on the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest and numerous projects for natural resource agencies in and around the Pacific Northwest these past five decades, Gildemeister has compiled an extensive collection of orginal photography as well as historic images to document resource and social conditions and change throughout the region.

       We invite you to browse a sampling of photo documentation, research , and multi-media projects produced over the years. For more information on how we can assist you with your research, documentation, management, and restoration needs please call:

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Anthony Lakes wildfire area overview Landslide on West Eagle Creek Overview of logging on the face of the Elkhorn Range Clearcuts of the 1990s - Indian Creek Field burning - Grande Ronde Valley
Anthony Lakes Fire
West Eagle Landslide
Blue Mountains Logging
Indian Creek Clearcuts
Valley Field Burning
Indian Creek watershed comparison - 1956 Indian Creek watershed comparison - 1990 Logged Mountain Pine infested forest - 1976
Mountain Pine infestation - 1973
Northeast Oregon hydraulic mining
Indian Creek Watershed Comparison
1956 - 1990
Hydraulic Mining
Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation
Sheep Creek 1973 - 1976
waterway through forest area Flooded Grande Ronde Valley Scabland of Eastern Oregon Eastern Oregon farmland Ridgetop habitat - Eastern Oregon
Forest Creek
Valley Flood
Mountain Pibne infestation - Northeast Oregon Mountain Pine infestation - Northeast Oregon
Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation -- Landscape and on-site comparative photography of Mountain Pine Beetle infestation throughout Northeast Oregon in the 1960s - 1970s.
Douglas Fir Tussock Moth infestation - Grande Ronde River Douglas Fir Tussock moth infestation - Eagle Creek area
Douglas-Fir Tussock Moth --
Landscape and site-specific documentary photography of the tussock moth infestation throughout Northeast Oregon in 1972-1974.
Spruce Budworm infestation - Grande Ronde River area Spruce budworm infestation - Staerkey, OR area
Spruce Budworm Infestation --
Landscape and site-specific documentation of the Spruce Budworm infestation in Northeast Oregon in the 1980s-1990s.
History of the Grande Ronde and its Tributaries --
185-year history of watershed change within the Blue Mountains of Northeast Oregon --
A 228-page summary report and 50-minute video. Commissioned for: Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation.
History of the Grande Ronde Watershed - Eastern Oregon
Bull Trout, Walking Grouse, and Buffalo Bones -- Oral Histories of Northeast Oregon Fish & Wildlife -- 1992. Commissioned by the Oregon State Department of Fish & Wildlife.
Weston, Oregon heritage preservation My Home Town -- Weston, Oregon --
Research and compilation of Weston's history from its founding in 1864 through modern times, with restoration and archiving of the City Library photo collection -- plus concept, design, narration scripting, and production of a 45-minute DVD
for the Weston Public Library.
Eastern Oregon Livestock Show Centennial Celebration --
Research and compilation of the 100-year history of the Oldest Livestock Show and Rodeo in the Northwest, with photo restoration and archiving of historic photos plus Gildemeister original images from the 1960s through the show's Centennial Year.
Eastern Oregon Livestock Show Centennial Celebration
The Bear Wallow Collection of Historic Books
Avian Dreamers, Around the Cat's Back, An American Vignette, A Letter Home, Where Rolls the Oregon, Traces, Rendezvous, Union Centennial Album
Concept, historic research, design, photographic illustration, authorship,
and publishing of historic limited edition printings.
Bear Wallow Heritage book collection
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