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       Along with his vast collection of the Oregon Trail route photography, Gildemeister has compiled a varied assortment of pageantry reenactment event images during the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center opening east of Baker City, Oregon along with on-site coverage at the US Forest Service Blue Mountain Crossing adjacent to I-84 west of La Grande, Oregon. After the Interpretive Center opening he was commissioned to photograph museum displays for advertising and marketing purposes. Following is a sampling of images from the Gildemeister stock file.

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Wagon and Oxen Display
Oregon Trail Interpretive Center
Night Camp
The Gravesite
Powder Valley and Elkhorn Mounatin Overlook
Prying Out the Wagon
Leading the Train
Virtue Flat Crossing of the Oregon Trail
Along the Trail
Mule Team
Virtue Flat Stop-over
Taking a Break
Panning for Gold
Butch with Oxen
Fanny Sewing
Blue Mountain Crossing
Indian Heritage
Break Time
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