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The Old Oregon Trail Route
       With the promise of 320 acres of free land in Oregon, Ezra Meeker hitched up two yoke of oxen, loaded his wife and month-old baby into a wagon, and headed west over the Oregon Trail in 1852. They were but three of the half million pioneers who journeyed over the 2,000-mile route from the Missouri River to Oregon's Willamette Valley in search of a new life. Eza Meeker was different, though, from other pioneers as he spent the rest of his life engrossed in the preservation of the historic trail by erecting trail monuments and petitioning Congress to enact a law to preserve the Oregon Trail. Unfortunately, he never lived to see his dream come true. A half century was to pass before Congress finally, in 1978, took action to preserve the historic route.

      In preparation of researching and producing the Bear Wallow books Traces and
A Letter Home, Gildemeister followed in the pioneer footsteps and wagon ruts, capturing images along the way to document landmarks and scenes which guided their arduous journey to Oregon.
Following is a sampling of images from the trail route, many of which have been used in a variety of publications as well as being featured in museum displays along with the Bear Wallow book illustrations.

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Ezra Meeker Oregon Trail Pioneers Ezra Meeker
Ezra Meeker
Pioneer family on last leg of their journey
Ezra Meeker monument
North Platte Riuver
Missouri River Big Blue River Hills Cottonwood on the Little Blue River
North Platte River
Missouri River
Big Blue River Hills
Cottonwood - Little Blue
Plains Bison Jailhouse - Courthouse Rock Chimney Rock Domb Rock at Scotts Bluff Nebraska
Plains Buffalo
Jail & Courthouse Rock
Chimney Rock
Domb Rock
Alkali Lake
Scotts Bluff Laramie Peak Wyoming Bessemer Bend
Scotts Bluff
Laramie Peak
Bessemer Bend
Alkali Lake
Oregon Trail ruts Sweetwater River - Independance Rock names chiseled on Independence Rock Split Rock Dawn - Sweetwater River
Oregon Trail Ruts
Sweetwater River
Independence Rock
Split Rock Dawn
Sweetwater River Pronghorn Antelope South Pass Wyoming
Oregon Trail Route - Dry Sandy
Sweetwater River
South Pass Crossing
Dry Sandy Route
Pronghorn Antelope
Pioneer gavesite
Green River Raft River Hills Snake River
Pioneer Gravesite
Green River
Raft River Hills
Snake River
Thousand Springs Flagstaff Hill - Eagle Mountains Powder Valley - Oregon Grande Ronde Valley
Thousand Springs
Flagstaff Hill - Eagle Mountains
Powder Valley
Grande Ronde Valley
Grande Ronde River crossing Trail ruts at Wells Spring Columbia River Gorge
Grande Ronde River
Blue Mountain Crossing
Wells Spring
Columbia Gorge
Barlow Road Route Mt. Hood dawn Cascade Mountain sunset Willamette Rive Dawn
Barlow Road
Mt Hood Dawn
Cascade Mountain Sunset
Willamette Dawn
      To learn more about early-day pioneers, the Oregon Trail, and Oregon history, please refer to the Bear Wallow Publishing Company limited edition printings of Rendezvous, Traces, Where Rolls the Oregon, and A Letter Home.
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