In addition to commercial and illustrative photography as a profession, Jerry has also expressed his artistic side through a collection of Western Americana images to be cherished
for their mood and subject sensitivity.

      We invite you to browse this sampling of his creative style. These, along with others in his collection, are availble for wall decor as well as for illustrative purposes. For more information on these and other fine art images in his collection, please email us at:

Pacific Coast fine art - by Gildemeister Porcelain Doorknob - Fine Art by Gildemeister Umpqua Mountains Horse and Cattle - Waiting out tghe Storm - by Gildemeister South Pass wind-blown Pine Klamath Marsh winter Oregon Cascades Forest and Fog - by Gildemeister
Rowena Oak Tree Catlle in Storm Columbia Gorge in Fog - by Gildemeister Willow Tree - by Gildemeister Bull in Winter Horses on Hillside Columbia Plains Juniper - by Gildemeister
Grande Tetons Reflection in Jackson Lake Birch Trees Mt Hood and Bear Grass Haystack Rock Dawn - by Gildemeister Horse and Shadows - by Gildemeister Columbia River Plain Painted Hills of Oregon
Steer at Sundown Forest Winter Horses feeding at sundown Aspen Patch Grass Widow Horse at Sundown
Horses Resting in Shjade Wild Roses Swan Mt Hood with Rosy Sky Snowfall - Horses - by Gildemeister Hawthorn Leaves in Stream
Winter Stream Great Sandunes Dawn Red Barn at Flora Pine Grove Church
Horses Trailing in Winter
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