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        For more than five decades, Gildemeister has been serving clientele with quality photo and art copying, photo restoration, print toning, and oil coloring of cherished images for long-term preservation. We also specialize in photographing original artwork to meet the needs of artists who require quality reproduction for promotion, advertising, and publication. With the development of modern technological systems, we now offer digital scanning and archiving, photo retouching, image restoration, and archival printing services which have largely replaced the traditional methods for photo reproduction and preservation.

        Whether you need to copy original artwork or an old photograph, restore a treasured image, plan a photo decor wall display, or consider preservation of an entire photo collection, please inquire on how we can advise and assist you to meet your goal.

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Photo restoration of John Spain chariot racing at the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show - ca 1909
Eastern Oregon Livestock Show chariot race with John Spain driving - ca 1910
severely faded, damaged, and deteriorating glass plate negative restored to a sepia-toned image
Salmon gaffing photo restoration
Damaged and deteriorated film negative of salmon gaffing
scanned, retouched, and restored to a sepia-toned image
Family on horseback photo restoration
Damaged print with irregular color fading
scanned and restored with insertion of new background image
Edith Wright portrait restoration
Oil-colored portrait restoration
Faded original print - scanned, restored, and enhanced
to sepia-toned image
Severely damaged oil-colored print
scanned, restored, and enhanced
Faded color photo restoration
Original print
with severe color change
scanned, retouched,
and color restoration.
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