Eastern Oregon Livestock Show
       In 2007, the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show celebrated its 100th year in Union, Oregon as the oldest livestock show and rodeo in the Pacific Northwest. To commemorate this special event, Gildemeister compiled the show's 100-year history, restored hundreds of historic photographs, added hundreds more of his original photographic images, and digitally archived the entirety for future generations.

      Following is a small sampling of historic images from the Gildemeister stock collection along with some of his original works from decades past. Unfortunately, the photographers of early-day shows have long been forgotten, but their images live on through the Centennial Year archival effort.

      For more information on these or other historic images, please call:

541- 805-5132 or e-mail us at: j-c@gildemeister-usa.com.

EOLS Booster Tour - 1910 EOLS Parade - 1910 Townley prize bull EOLS Parade - 1912
1910 Booster Club Trip
1910 Parade
Townley Prize Bull
1912 Parade
Ben Corbett Roman Racing Fred Spaing bronc riding Stockmen - Prize Buklls EOLS Horse Showing
Ben Corbett
Fred Spain
Stockmen showing prize bulls
Horse Showing
EOLS Chariot Racing EOLS Chariot Racing - 1910 Alice Knight - Tandem Shetland Ponies
Chariot Race
Dead Heat Chariot Race - ca 1910
Alice Knight
George Yeager bronc riding John Spain Chariot Racing
Ollie Osborn Bronc Riding Johnnie Douglas Trick Rider
John Spain
Chariot Race
Geo Yeager
riding backwards
Ollie Osborne
Johnnie Douglas Trick Rider
Ben Corbett Roman Racing Joe Hayes bronc rider John Spain horseback
Ben Corbett
Roman Race leader
Joe Hayes
riding bronc backwards
John Spain
saddlebronc champion
Daryl Whitely
packing lambs
Phymere Dairy Bulls
Showing 4-H lambs
1952 FFA
Champion Bull
six-Horse Hitch Bob Chambers Harry Charters Bulldogging Harley Tucker - Stock Contractor
Six-Horse Hitch
Bob Chambers
Harry Charters Bulldogging
Harley Tucker
with Sonny
Sonny-Joe Kelsey Blue Sage Tac Team Rodeo Clown Jim Bob Feller Pari-Mutuel Horse Racing
Sonny & Joe
Blue Sage Tac Team
Jim Bob Feller
saving a rider
Pari-Mutuel Racing
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