Gildemeister book publishing servuices
       From promotion and marketing printed matter to a complete book production, we offer a wide range of consultation and publishing services to business and industry, artists, entrepreneurs, and self-publishers.

       Through our own Bear Wallow Publishing Company book editions plus projects for other clients, our sixty years of experience in the graphic arts, printing, and publishing trade has culminated in a vast experience and knowledge base to assist clients with design, illustration, layout, printing, and marketing needs.

      We invite you to browse items below to view a sampling of projects produced for clients over the years . For more information on how we may be of service to you, please email us at:

Promotion & Marketing - concept - layout & design - photo illustration - printing oversight - by Gildemeister
Union-Wallowa Couty Economic Development marketing
Steven Kensrue - Sculpture Brochure
A. Matthews bronze art marketing
Union County Oregon Bi-Centennial Calendar
A. Matthews - sculptor
marketing series
Union-Wallow County
Industrial Devlopment Corp.
Union County
Bi-Centennial Calendar
Steven Kensrue - sculptor
marketing series
Book Publishing -
Concept - layout & design - photo illustration - printing oversight - by Gildemeister
Dorothy Fleshman Book Vic Coggins Memoirs Book
WAAAM Museum - Our Story
Union Oregon Centennial Album Oregon Wheat Book;et
Western Antique
Automobile Museum
museum collection showcase
Dorothy Fleshman
The House at the Edge
of the Woods
Centennial Album
Vic Coggins
Memories of
a Backcountry Bio
Oregon Wheat
Promotion booklet
The Bear Wallow Heritage Collection of Author-signed Limited Editions
Bear Wallow Publishing Company Poster
Where Rolls the Oregon - Bear Wallow
Bear Wallow book - Rendezvous Bear Wallow book - Traces
Bear Wallow book marketing - Where Rolls the Oregon
Where Rolls the Oregon
Around the Cats Back - Bear Wallow A Letter Home - Bear Wallow An American Vignette - Bear Wallow Bear Wallow book - Avian Dreamers
Around the Cat's Back
A Letter Home
An American Vignette
Avian Dreamers
Dallas, Oregon, 97338
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