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       Since returning to Eastern Oregon in 1959 from a stint in the 82nd Airborne and 3rd Army Special Services, Jerry Gildemeister has compiled an extensive stock file of Western Americana photographic images, both historic in nature as well as a vast array of original imagery which depict the character, nature, and activties of more recent times. Photo images from our collection are available for promotion, advertising, editorial illustration, and media presentation licensing as well as for wall decor, exhibit, and display usage. In addition to our commercial, industrial, event, and natural resource collection, we invite you to browse a sampling of other stock photo images to get acquainted with our style and scope of photographic coverage.

        If we can assist you in finding that particular image for your next project when time or budget constraints do not allow for original photography, or if you need something special for a museum display or to decorate your wall, please give us a call at: 541- 962-7864 or e-mail us at:

Valdare & Duffy - Vaudeville Bike Act Anthony Lakes Skiing Harry Charters Bulldogging Steer Cove Episcopal Church Oregon Trail Oxen & Covered Wagon Harold Alzona Wire Walking
Garden Spider Bear Grass EOLS Bullriding Mule Deer Fawn - by Gildemeister Horse Huddle in Fly Season Red Barn - Joseph Oregon
Monolith Sunset at Canon Beach, Oregon Captains Rock - Lewis & Clark Expedition
Rose-Purple Sky Grand Teton in Winter Balanced Rock
Twin Beech - Jumper Dumper Mt Hood-Columbia River Sunset Smokejumper Grass Widow - Sisyrinchium douglasii
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