Gildemeister Event Photography - Sumpter Valley Days
Sumpter Valley Days
       Sumpter, Oregon has a rich history dating back to the 1860s with the discovery of gold in Northeast Oregon. In its hey-day, Sumpter's population reached 4000 souls supporting 7 hotels, 6 restraurants, 7 general stores, and an opera house among other shops and commercial establishments. A catastrophic fire in 1917 ended the boom times with much of the town being destroyed within a three-hour period. Though the population has dropped to a couple hundred residents, the locals continue to celebrate the town's history with annual flea markets, pageantry, and tours of the Sumpter dredge along with rides on the restored Sumpter Valley Railroad.

      Following is a sampling of images captured by Gildemeister during the 1974 festival event plus some historic images from his stock photo file.

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Sumpter Valley Railroad
Bull-powered sled ride - 1902
Sumpter Gold Dredge
Sumpter Railroad
Sumpter Valley Pageantry - 1974
Sumpter Gold Dredge
Log Bucking
Black Powder Demonstration and Contests
Dressing Up
Black Powder Shoot
Les Snider
Snider Family
Shooting Contest
Boys at the Depot
Locals fighting Main Street fire
Fire of 1917
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