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       Over the years Gildemeister has compiled extensive photographic coverage of a variety of events in and around the Pacific Northwest, images which are available for personal or editorial use, tourism marketing, event promotion, museum display, and historic archives. Included are the Pendleton Roundup, Western Ho Parade, The Eastern Oregon Livestock Show, Oregon Trail Route and pageantry, the Northwest Antique Airshow, North Powder Thresing Bee, Sumpter Valley Days, Cove Cherry Festival, North Powder Huckleberry Festival, and the Miners Jubilee, along with several other local events within the Gildemeister stock photo archives.

      We invite you to preview a sampling of our event coverage below. For more information on images from our stock file, or to plan for photographic coverage fror your next event, please call:

541- 962-7864 or e-mail us at:

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a sampling of photographic cover
age from our stock file archives
Pendleton Round-Up - Westward Ho Parade  Indian Festival of Arts - Clarence Burke Eastern Oregon Livestock Show - Bronc Rider
Pendleton Round-Up
Westward Ho Parade
Indian Festival of Arts
Chief Clarence Burke
Eastern Oregon
Livestock Show
Oregon Trail Pagentry - Covered Wagon Pioneers  Paint Your Wagon - Lee Marvin Northwest Antique Aircraft
Paint Your Wagon
Lee Marvin
Oregon Trail Pageantry
Northwest Antique Airshow
Sumpter Valley Days event - Sumpter Dredge
Oregon Trail route North Powder Threshing Bee event
Sumpter Valley Days
Oregon Trail Route
N. Powder Threshing Bee
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