Some of Gildemeister's most challenging moments in his photographic career have been in the process of capturing the character and habits of wild creatures which are often highly unpredictable in nature. Rarely has it been easy, but through great patience, some dangerous moments, and a lot of luck, he has been rewarded with some very special images which showcase the nature and character of our fellow creatures. You are invited to preview some
of our favorites and hope you enjoy viewing them as much as Jerry has had in capturing them.

        If we can assist you in your search for a special image for editorial use, museum display, wall decor, or other use, please give us a call at:

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California Quail Coiled Rattlesnake Great Horned Owlets
California Quail
A Striking Pose
Owls Four
Peacock Fan
Cottontail Rabbit Coyote Widow grass Golden Eagle
Cottontail Rabbit
Peacock Fan
Widow Grass
Golden Eagle
Lambstoongue Fawnlily Bull Elk Black Bear Cub Yellow Cliff Flowers Great Horn Owl
Fawn Lily
Bull Elk
Bear Cub
Rocky Bloom
Great Horned Owl
Beargrass Golden Eaglet China Pheasant Mule Deer Fawn Garden Spider
Bear Grass
Eagle Nest
China Pheasant
Mule Deer Fawn
Garden Spider
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